Friday, July 25, 2008

The Incredible Edible Egg --- In a Hole

Yesterday, Ree of The Pioneer Woman posted an “Egg In The Hole” recipe (7/24/08) that just about caused me to swoon. I love eggs. Fried, scrambled, baked, stuffed, frittata’d, you name it. Hard yolks, soft yolks, runny yolks … I’m not picky. I am picky, though, about what eggs I buy. It’s hard to find farm fresh eggs where I live, so like most suburbians, I purchase my little protein powerhouses at the store. I’ll be the gal opening carton after carton to make sure I find a dozen or so that aren’t cracked or otherwise unusable. Plus, is it just me, or do commercially produced eggs seem to be getting smaller and smaller? I buy organic, free range, no hormone eggs, and they seem to be a little better in the size department and a whole lot better in the taste department.

NOTE: Check out Ree's post! Her photos are a zillion times nicer than mine, although I think it's cool that she and I both have blue plates. That was pure coincidence! I followed her instructions, and posted similar photos to show that if I can do it with a 12 year old sous chef, anyone can do it. See my comment #835 (yep, that 8-3-5) on her original post. Total credit for this recipe goes to The Pioneer Woman.

Anyway … my oldest gal likes eggs for breakfast. As soon as I saw Ree’s post, I knew my girl would love this. Since hubby man had already left for work, and the other two peeps were sleeping in this morning, it was just me and my girl for breakfast. I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to teach her how to make Egg In The Hole. I’ve been woefully bad about teaching my kids how to cook, so I seized the day. She did a marvelous job. See for yourself. (And check out my cast iron skillet! It’s about a month old, and I adore this baby. Hmmm … maybe it’s time for a 2nd installment of favorite kitchen tools!)


1-1/2 Tablespoons Butter
1 Egg
1 Slice of Bread (I used potato bread)
Season salt, salt, pepper, or whatever you put on your eggs.

Using a biscuit cutter or glass, cut a hole out of the center of your slice of bread. In a heavy skillet, melt a healthy 1 ½ tablespoons of butter.

When butter starts to sizzle, add bread. Let it toast for about 30 seconds.

Then crack an egg into it.

Season it.

Let it cook for about 1 to 2 minutes until the under side of the egg is set, and the bread is toasty golden brown.

Using a spatula, flip it over and cook the other side, again about 1 to 2 minutes … more it you want firmer yolks.


Yuuuummmm! The bread has a great fried crunch to it, very different than if you just used a toaster or baked in the oven. The eggs are cooked just perfect and are fun to have surrounded by a bread moat.

All Gone. Sob! Eggs. Must have Eggs-In-The-Hole!

Couple things. 1. Cooking this is very easy. However, since I usually fry eggs using olive oil instead of butter, we kept a close eye on the butter so it wouldn’t burn. If you are used to cooking eggs with butter, this will be a piece of cake for you. 2. The bread takes up a lot of room in the pan, so this was perfect for making breakfast for one or two people. If I had to make this for a larger crowd, I’d probably dig out my OLD, OLD, OLD oblong electric skillet to handle the job. I think the cast iron skillet produces the best result, particularly for the bread/toast.


Mrs. L said...

I had a boyfriend who used to make these all the time for himself (I'm an egg "over hard" person). I keep thinking I should make them for my husband since he too, loves runny eggs. Thanks for reminding me!

Pam said...

I love these... there is nothing better than bread soaked in yolk. Nice job!

Bridgett said...

The older Italians in my family made their eggs this way. I'm a scrambled egg girl but I think my husband might like this.

Gloria said...

Paula this is absolutely yummy!!!! I think the childs will enjoy!!
Thanks to passing by to my blog I like yours!!xxGloria

pamokc said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my page. I saw that posting of Ree's (and I'm mourning for Nell,a long with everyone else in the free world who reads her pages). Yummmy. I think I will give them a try this weekend! It is funny how many blogs I run across that have a link back to her page. Anyway, cheers for now, stop by anytime.

Anonymous said...

Boy does that look good. I am going to try this post haste. I think it will also work for well done eggs. I got you off of Mrs. L's blog (my daughter). Thanks for this.

Jan said...

Yummy, runny fried eggs on fried bread, sounds right up my street.

Michelle said...

I've made these but not for a long time now. We called then Bird Nest Eggs! And they are good.

Marjie said...

Your food segregationalist friend would have a hard time eating these, and her dearly beloved would wonder why such a small breakfast. Have you ever tried making toast in a George Foreman grill? Love at first bite! It's best, of course, with homemade bread or the kind from the store that's not presliced, but even Wonderbread is vastly improved by the George. Either way, I'm glad you and your daughter got some quality cooking time in!

Pam said...

I saw her post too! I am so making this tomorrow!

Nita said...

Don't you just love those cast iron fry pans! I had to come over and get caught up - I just posted our anniversary post today, July must be a popular month for weddings. hehe Your eggs in a hole look as good as Ree's. I've been so worried about her dog, I have checked her site way too many times. Love your recipes!

Dawn said...

Just like Bridgett said older Italians in my family eat this almost everyday with a couple slices of roasted red peppers. Italians put peppers on everything. I love to eat my eggs this way. Mmmm, so good this way. Next time you make this try using sliced Italian bread.

Kevin said...

This is a nice way to do eggs and toast!

Lisa said...

I love making these. Yours looks great! Always popular with the kiddos!

meeso said...

Hey, that makes my breakfast a whole lot easier, eggs and toast all together... Looks yummy!

noble pig said...

These are so great aren't they?

Suma Rajesh said...

hai paula..thanks for commenting on my blog..i liked hte idea of ur bread...creative one..will try this for sure as breakfast...

Cheryl said...

Gorgeous! my husband made them for me after watched them made in a movie we watched which escapes me!

I use the Splenda blend for baking, my husband hates the taste of Splenda, but the blend works just fine and he can't taste it!

Esi said...

I LOVE eggs. This looks easy and so good. I have never tried it before. Head over to my blog for a nice treat:

Paula said...

Mrs. L: This is a man pleasin' dish, but it would take more than one serving to fill 'em up! Let me know if you make it!

Pam: It was a bread/yoke festival. Yum!

Bridget: Hmmm...I wonder if there is a way to scramble the egg in this! We'd have to think up a new name for it! Maybe ... swirly in the hole? Uh .. perhaps another name would be better!

Gloria: Hola! Thanks for visiting ... this was yummy!

Pamokc: Give this a try; it was sooo good!

Mrs. L's Mom: Hope you tried it: it really is a taste sensation!

Jan: I've been craving this ever since I had it. Hmmm ... I wonder if it will make a good late night snack?

Michelle: Bird's Nest Egg's is a clever name! It makes sense, too!

Marjie: I've never used a George Forman grill! Come on over, bring yours along, and we'll perform recipe experiments! Plus, I'll make you whatever you want for breakfast!

Pam: Did you have a chance to make this? How'd it turn out? I find it addicting!

Nita: I LOVE this cast iron pan! It has been a solid performer since I got it. Congrats on your anniversary! Love your blog!

Dawn: We Italian's appreciate good breakfast foods!

Kevin: It a fantastic breakfast dish!

Lisa: My daughter loves fried eggs, but she's not big on toast. She ate every bite, but I think she liked hanging out with me (awwww) more than she liked this. More for me!

Meeso: It's an easy, all in one breakfast dish!

Noble Pig: Yep, they are soooo yummy!

Suma Rajesh: It really is tasty; give it a try and let me know what you think!

Cheryl: You lucky girl having your hubby make this! Thanks for the Splenda note. By the way,where did our summer weather go?

Esi: This dish really was super easy to make. Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for the award and your kind comments!

Thanks, everybody, for stopping by. This recipe has become one of my favorites!


i'm defintely trying this, as a way of practising art in food - i love it!

Kate / Kajal said...

Its my most favourite way of having eggs !

Lore said...

Looks good Paula! I'm all for eggs at breakfast :)
I have an eggy breakfast recipe I enjoy since long as I can remember. Will have to make it soon and post about it. Hopefully your oldest girl will like it too :D

VCK said...

Hi Paula,
Regarding bento boxes, have you checked at Uwajimaya in Beaverton?

Paula said...

Mediterranean Kiwi: This does look kind of artsy! It tastes as good as it looks, too!

Kate/Kajal: It's becoming my favorite, too!

Lore: I'll keep an eye out for your eggy post!

Vck: Thnx! What a great idea! I'm so glad you mentioned it; I'll check it out! I wonder how many other things will make their way into my cart while I'm there!

Jeena said...

I have great memories of these Paula, how lovely of you to post this it looks so yummy and comforting. :-)

MrOrph said...

I had an Italian GF some years ago who used to make this for me all the time. I remember first seeing it in the movie Moonstruck. I haven't made it in a while. I think you've inspired me!

Deborah said...

This is a regular breakfast around our house! But oh how I miss my runny yolks!

Proud Italian Cook said...

I did a post on Moonstruck eggs from the movie last March. We love eggs made this way! Yours looks so good!

Paula said...

Jeena: You pegged it right ... it is sooo yummy and comforting!

Mrorph: It is so good... since making it, I crave it all the time!

Deborah: After the wee one is born, we will have a yummy yoke fest!

Proud Italian: Oh my gosh! I just went and found your post. It looks great, and I usually make eggs in olive oil and had to adjust to cooking this with butter. Why didn't it ever occur to me to try the olive oil! After reading your post, now I will. Hmmm ... I am kind of hungry now ... :-)

Fifi Flowers said...

I must try this... kids would love it!