Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'll Stop The World and Melt With You -- Tuna Melts

Hello blog friends ... I've had to remove this post and repost it above. For some unknown reason, not all of my blog visitors were not able to view it, and so the best thing to do was remove the post and repost it again. I don't want to delete your wonderful comments, though, as they mean so much to me. Soooo .... let's hope that whatever little gremlin decided to visit has now left the building!

Thanks for visiting and commenting, and I look forward to visiting your blogs!

Paula :-)


Kevin said...

That tuna melt looks so good! Grilling does make sandwiches so much better.

Esi said...

I don't think I have ever had a tuna melt, but this is making me want to make one. I know what you mean about cooking bacon and wanting to eat it before the finished product :)


this is pretty darn delicious from the looks in the photo.

i see the girls wearing sweat jackets - we are still in shorts and t-shirts. the weather has cooled down but it is still warm.

thanks for the tips on home-schooling. i am online-browsing through those books you suggest. they look great. wish i could home school instead of taking them to dreary greek school (i'll send you a link when i get round to writing something about it)

mikky said...

i love your title... a favorite song too... :) but i love your tuna melt better... thanks for sharing...

Marjie said...

Font gremlins are attacking Paula! Oh, no! Maybe the fonts are following the girls to school, and you only get the leftovers?

Nice picture of the girls at the shore. It must have been pretty cold, since you have them bundled up. We have gotten a warm stretch this week, and Thor and the boys want extended lunch/recess!

There's nothing I love more than a tuna melt; I've never put bacon on mine, though. Cheese? "Gimme!" Cheese makes everything better!

Aggie said...

I'll take one of those and a bowl of chili please! I should have had a bigger breakfast, that sandwich is making me so hungry! I may have to make those for dinner tonight!

Paula said...

Hi Everyone!

Kevin: I agree, grilled sandwiches are terrific!

Esi: There's just something about crispy bacon that's so hard for me to resist! It really added great flavor -- not overpowering though -- to the sandwich.

Mediterranean Kiwi: The temperatures were very cool, but comfortable, where we were. Did you notice all the clouds in the sky? That's what our sky looks like from October through April! Ugh! I'm curious what your seasons are like. By the way, I'm craving one of your tomato fritters today! I look forward to getting your link!

Mikky: Thanks for visiting! That song kind of sticks with a person. The tuna melt was yummy.

Marjie: Ohhh, those little gremlins caused much trouble for me! The weather has perked up here too, and it's quite comfy ... about 75 degrees. Come on over and I'll make a sandwich for you while the kids play together!

Paula said...

Hi Aggie! It's funny you mentioned the chili because yesterday I was wondering what would be a good accompaniment to the sandwich! Now that Fall is near, soup and sandwiches will be a staple on my lunch table!