Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Garden Tuesday - Neighborhood Garden!

Ain’t she sweet? This is Plot one of two in my minuscule suburbian back yard.

Happy Garden Tuesday! I fear that some of you may be under the impression that I sport garden-green thumbs and have successfully sown a huge garden. While I like that impression, it’s not quite, uh, accurate. Not even a teensy, weensy bit.. The only thing huge about my garden is my lack of knowledge about it. Granted, I have filled up some of the anti-matter spaces in my noggin since last gardening season to this one, yet there is soooo much more to learn. Reality shouts out that I have two 6 x 4 plots utilizing the square foot method that provide more than enough bounty for my family to enjoy fresh veggies all summer long.

Today’s entry will not, um, focus on my garden. I thought you’d might like to see what I drool over and covet: my neighborhood’s community garden. About 3 blocks from my house is a neighborhood garden.I hope I’m not breaking one of the ten commandments regarding coveting thy neighbors goods, ‘cuz I definitely feel some major coveting going on here. Maybe it’s more like garden envy. *sigh*Not too far from my house, there is a stretch of open land where enormous power-line towers reside. I’m talking behemoth sized power lines. The way those things hum, I keep expecting them to come alive and be part of the next Transformers movie. Anyway, this grassy track of land stretches over several blocks and is maintained by the Parks and Rec Department. For years now, the Parks and Rec folks have done a terrific job of manicuring the grass growing in this stretch of land, and they even turned a large section of it into a neighborhood park complete with swings, playstructures, picnic tables and a drinking fountain. Last year or maybe it was the year before, at the request of many citizens, they dedicated a portion of the large grassy area to be a neighborhood garden.Somebody is going to be enjoying some slaw soon!

The Parks and Rec folks generously plowed up the grass, hauled in additional soil, divided the area into about 10 large garden plots, hooked up a couple water spigots, and fenced the area in. All the plots were immediately snatched up and the project was deemed a success. So much so, that the powers that be expanded the garden this year, doubling it in size.Just look at this zucchini plant! Mine is about, oh, 6 inches high right now. I love walking through there, getting ideas on how to set up and maintain my own garden. I’m not certain, but I think folks pay a one time nominal fee reserving their specific plot, and I believe everyone needs to follow organic gardening methods. It’s a win-win for everbody.Anywho .... my little garden is just a wee pup compared to these well established gardens. By visiting the neighborhood garden, I’ve gotten loads of ideas on how to stake plants, plus I love taking my kids through there so they can guess what the different plants are. Hard to believe that as little as a century ago, most folks grew their own vegetables. Now, most folks get their veggies from a store provided by people they don’t know and even from a state different than their own! One of the things I like most about my garden is reconnecting my kids with their food.

See you next week when we will talk about the different ways to stake your veggies for not only providing support for your plant, but for ease in harvesting. Also, we’ll take a look at how to start growing your own peas and beans. Do you know that you can continuously plant your beans and peas to keep you going throughout the summer?

What’s new in your garden?


DayPhoto said...

I love your square foot garden! I have been thinking of doing something like that in my yard. Your looks just WOW!


Marjie said...

I wondered where your garden update was! There's a community garden somewhere in the next little town, although I've never been there. I have two 4'x8' square foot plots, and I hope I can figure out how this whole gardening thing works well enough to feel competent next year!

Lynda said...

Your garden looks wonderful; and thy neighbors is indeed envious! :)

The Blonde Duck said...

You have such a pretty garden.

I have cactus.

Pam said...

Paula - I love your sweet garden. It is charming and so wonderfully organized.

BTW - I started trash can potatoes. I had an organic potato in my pantry that had all ready sprouted (imagine that), so I'm trying it.

Cheryl said...

I have a powerline park just like that up the road from my house. I wish they would do something similar with it!

Robynn's Ravings said...

What a fanTAStic garden!!!! You're amazing! :)

Cathy said...

That is great! The park and rec guys were on the ball with this project. A new community garden just went in near me and it is fun watching stuff grow.

Pam said...

Those power lines look exactly like ones near my home...could we be neighbors? I am in Beaverton where are you?

I think your garden looks BEAUTIFUL! I wish I had one green thumb or even a green pinky.

Jan said...

I read somewhere that in England, so many people want to grow their own veggies, that the National Trust has dedicated I don't know how many 1000 acres to the project.

Power to the people and their veg!