Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pucker Up ... Old Fashioned Homemade Lemonade!

Summertime is almost over, but we still have many sunny days left before Fall’s crispness nips our noses. Are any of you like me in that you want to extend summer as long as possible? What better way to do that than to make a pitcher of that old time summertime beverage ... homemade lemonade.Have you ever sipped a cold glass of homemade lemonade? I love the smell of it, the taste of it, the look of it, and the feel of the cold, wet glass in my hand. YUM.

This summer, I’ve tried to instill in my kids that although we live in a fast paced world, we need to honor and take part in good nourishment for our bodies. Taking just a little extra time to made something from scratch not only keeps us connected with healthy food, but also keeps us connected to each other. Plus, my lemonade lovin’ friends, it just tastes better.My kids helped me make this. They helped pick out the lemons. They felt the dimply marking of the fruit. They smelled the rind as I zested it. They helped juice the lemons. And, most importantly, we talked to and laughed with each other while we were making it. Sure, it took less than five minutes, but it’s a memory that I hope they’ll hold onto long after they drained the last drop of lemonade out of their glass.

This is so easy to make, and only calls for 3 ingredients. Come on, give it a try. You’ll be glad you did!

Homemade Lemonade (Makes 1 quart)
3 large lemons, at room temperature
1 scant cup sugar
4+ cups of cold water
Ice (If desired)

Wash and dry your lemons.Zest if desired, freezing the zest for future use in another recipe.Roll the lemon back and forth, pressing slightly to maximize their juicing potential. Cut in half.Using a citrus juicer, firmly push the lemons against it twisting back and forth until all the juice is rendered. My little juicer fits right over the measuring cup. You want about ¾ cup of lemon juice.Perfect ... exactly ¾ cup! Strain if any seeds sneak through!
Save those shells to use as dessert cup holders for lemon mousse or jello or whatever moves you.

Pour the juice into a large pitcher. Add four cups of cold water. Stir in 1 cup of sugar. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the sugar dissolves. Add ice if desired. Done! Serve! Enjoy!Oh. My. Gosh! You guys are gonna love this! It’s not overly sweet at all, nor is it overly tart. The best word is REFRESHING. In a big way. You could dress it up by floating lemon slices in the pitcher, or even adding sliced strawberries. I like it straight up and plain.I like to drink lemonade (and iced tea) out of jars! Do you call these jelly jars? We used to call them Mason jars or even canning jars. Whatever you call them, they work great. This 1/2 pint size is perfect for kids' hands, and work great for adults, too.
See what’s missing here? No bizzarro neon yellow color! Real lemonade is a cloudy, clear color with just a hint of pale whitish yellow.So, before summer slips away, make a pitcher of lemonade for yourself and those you love. It will be a hit, I promise!


Lisa said...

Oh, so good! And you describe it so well.

Pam said...

Hey, do you think you could freeze those lemon halves?? Have you ever tried? I've frozen lemon zest, but never a whole half.

Mickle in NZ said...

Soooo refreshing .... something I can look forward over Xmas.

In Winter make it with Hot water, and maybe a little honey and ginger. That'll warm up the innards on a chilly day (for the grownups try spiking with a little ginger wine - delicimo).

Cathy said...

Homemade lemonade...I haven't made it in years and years. It makes me pucker just to think about it. I'm sure you all will hold on to that memory forever. Sometimes the most simple things are the ones that stay with you.

Its hard to believe fall is right around the corner. I could feel it in the air this morning.

Bellini Valli said...

The simple pleasures of life.

Marjie said...

I call them mason jars, too. Being far too lazy to squeeze my lemons, I just use real lemon juice from the jar. There's nothing better than a pitcher of real lemonade not from powdered glop!

Deborah said...

Can you believe I've never made homemade lemonade before? I need to change that asap!

Grace said...

from scratch is the only way to go with lemonade. my favorite part is the pulpy bits. :)

Cheryl said...

Oh my gosh that looks so good I wish I would of bought that big batch of lemons at Costco yesterday!

the ungourmet said...

We love to drink out of mason jars! I just love homemade lemonade. :p

It's nice to find another bloggy friend from my neck of the woods!

Spryte said...

Yum! Refreshing homemade lemonade!!