Sunday, June 14, 2009

Smooth Move - Strawberry Orange Smoothies

Hello, my blogging friends! Do you like smoothies? I’m relatively new to the world of smoothies, yet my kids LOVE them. No sense in going to one of those smoothie places and paying a small fortune for one when you can create your own delicious lip smacking fruit beverage at home.

That’s all a smoothie is, you know ... a fruity drink. Now, I know that some of the smoothie places would offer to add bee pollen or wheat grass or vitamins or whatever. Why try to boost fruit? It’s really good for you just as it is.

In my quest to make a smooth move for my kidlin’s, I turned to the internet for recipe guidance. Oh, lordy, there’s only 435 gazillion to choose from. There're the ones that are just made from fruit and ice. There’s fruit and milk. There’s fruit and juice. There’s fruit and ice-cream. There’s fruit and yogurt. Oh, and you can use fresh fruit, frozen fruit, or any combo thereof. Basically, I think just about anything mixed with fruit that you drink can be called a smoothie! These puppies are very filling, too. They are a great treat, and very refreshing.

This one is a basic recipe. Feel free to mix it up, add different fruit, use different juice, whatever ... it will be good! I promise! This will make 4 medium sized servings.

3 cups ripe, fresh strawberries
1 cup orange juice
1/2 cup vanilla yogurt (can use another flavor or plain)
2 cups ice

In a blender that can crush ice, combine all ingredients. Blend until ice is crushed and mixture is smooth. It took about 10-15 seconds in my blender.

Pour and serve! Make yummy noises! I found this one to be very “tropical” in flavoring. For my next one, I think I’ll add pineapple and see how that tastes. I’m not much of a drinker, but I could totally see adding rum to a smoothie to create a cocktail type drink. Oh, this is obviously gluten free, too! What’s your favorite smoothie flavor?


Marjie said...

Especially make yummy noises if you have pretty glassware like Paula's! Isn't it astonishing how people put a fancy name on something, charge out the wazoo, and it's so easy after all?

Cheryl said...

Yum! I have had one in my entire life! and it is strawbery season! You know what I will be eating!

Manggy said...

Yummmmm! Uh, strawberry, raspberry, banana, and mango. With ice cream. I just made that up now. But it has most of everything I luuuuurve :)

Pam said...

I collect smoothie recipes, but I never actually use them. I always have the notion of whirling one up before school with yogurt and berries. Maybe I should refocus on having them as an afterschool snack.

Grace said...

smoothies are absolutely a make-at-home treat, and this one sounds quite delicious. healthy, too, which is always an added bonus. :)

Bethie said...

My ten year old daughter is hooked on strawberry smoothies. I have to admit I love them too. You know, I made a peach one the other day for the hubster and me, it wasn't too shabby.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Looks delicous! We live on fresh fruit smoothies in the summer time - for breakfast.

I have no ideas my ratios but I know you're always hunting recipes so here's mine:

raw milk (only from a reputable dairy - UNBELIEVABLE amounts of WONDERFUL good bacteria)
orange juice
frozen blueberries
frozen peaches or strawberries
raw, fresh honey
1 1/2 scoops ground flax seed (they never know it's there) does this have gluten? hmmm.
1 tbsp. Udo's oil
3 scoops (for 3 smoothies) Jarrow Whey Protein Powder
Occasionally a raw egg or two if I'm getting them from my good source.

This keeps my kids full for hours and I get all that good stuff in them. Tastes like a treat, believe me.

Cathy said...

Strawberries make the perfect smoothie and they are so plentiful and delicious now. Guess I better buy an extra basket this morning.

Pam said...

I just happen to have some strawberries and oranges in the fridge - this look refreshing and tasty.

Bridgett said...

I have been making smoothies quite a bit lately. My son is a picky eater but loves smoothies so I try to get as many as I can into him! I love your presentation in the martini makes it all the more appealing!

The Blonde Duck said...

We should all don some grass skirts and bikini tops and hula with one of these...

Mediterranean kiwi said...

i know what you mean about being new to these modern kinds of drinks - i recently found out that I wasnt able to tell a lemonade apart from a lemon and vodka - slightly embarassing, but it's never late to learn!

Mickle in NZ said...

Breakfast today was a smoothie - cooked rhubarb, apple juice, yoghurt and a little spoonful of honey - yummy.

noble pig said...

My favorite ingredient in a smoothie is coffeemate. It really gives it a creamy texture and makes it so, so yummy.

Jan said...

I have to confess, I have never had a smoothie. When I'm not drinking tea or wine, I just prefer water. Or maybe that should be, when I'm not drinking tea or water, I just prefer wine.(hic%-0)

I'm not sure about adding rum to something like this - maybe vodka?

Deborah said...

I was just thinking of making a smoothie, but the baby is asleep so I'll have to wait. This one looks great!