Friday, January 15, 2010

Pop this tart! Savory Corn Torilla Tarts (gluten free)

Hellooooooo blogland! Happy New Year! Oh, how I’ve missed visiting with all of you! Did you have a great holiday? Are you refreshed and recharged for a glorious 2010? Speaking of which, let’s take a quick opinion poll. How many of you refer to our new year as “two thousand and ten”? How many of you say “twenty-ten”? I think I fall into the latter camp on that one.

Lots and lots of changes taking place here in the Gouda kitchen since we last talked. During my blogging hiatus, I’ve been educating myself on what good food means to my family. After viewing two films, Food Inc. and King Corn, my meal planning on what I will and will not feed my family has changed. My menus will reflect some of those changes. See my side bar for a link about both of these!

I won’t go into too much detail here, but suffice it to say, those two shows have changed my life. Changed. My. Life. I’m not easily swayed either, and no one could ever accuse me of being the type to jump on the proverbial bandwagon. Nevertheless, I encourage you to borrow these two videos from your local library and decide for yourself. I sat in stunned silence, particularly after the Food, Inc. program. Then I had my dad and sister watch it. They, too, sat stunned during the program. Anyway ... it my mission to spread the word about those shows. Some stuff in it won’t surprise you ... other stuff will blow your mind. Blow. Your. Mind. Yep, it will. Even if you only incorporate one change in your diet based on what you see, like only eating grass fed/pasture raised beef, you’ll be making a dramatically positive impact on your health. Go on. See for yourself.Here’s a gluten free recipe that will blow you away with its yumminess. It’s for little corn tortilla savory tarts, and I just love them. They are gluten free and infinitely versatile. Why feed your family an overprocessed globby filled poptart for breakfast, when these babies are available. Easy to assemble and store, they are a great addition to your breakfast or lunch menu when you want something quick and tasty. They are also quite transportable, for those days when you have to eat and run. These are adapted from a recipe I saw in Gluten Free and Easy.

Here’s all you need. Feel free to vary the fillings.

Soft corn tortillas
¼ cup milk
½ cup sour cream
2 eggs
2 egg yolks
1 tablespoon chopped cilantro
seasoned salt
red pepper and any other of your favorite spices
2 chopped green onions or 2 tablespoons diced onion
½ cup grated cheddar cheese

¼ cup diced green chilies, green peppers, or red peppers (or your fav cooked veggies)
¼ cup corn kernels
olive oil to grease muffin tins

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place the tortillas on a plate, cover with a papertowel, and heat in microwave for about a minute until they are warm and soft. Dab a little olive oil on the paper towel you used to warm the tortillas, and use it to grease OVERSIZED, deep muffin tins.Gently press a warm tortillas into each muffin tin.Spoon the cheese, peppers, corn, and green onions over the base of each tortilla. In a bowl whisk together the eggs, egg yolks, milk sour cream, cilantro, season salt, red pepper and spices. Be sure to season liberally.Pour the egg mixture into the tortilla shells, filling as high as you can. No worries if there are some leaks. Bake in the over for 30 minutes or until puffed and brown. Let the tarts cool in the pan for about 10 minutes, them remove and serve. Leftovers store and reheat nicely.Viola! Look at how puffy they are! Gluten free savory tarts. The contrast of the crunchy corn along with the quiche like filling was very palate pleasing.These are great for breakfast as well as lunch. I served mine with salsa. Yum, yum!Here, make yummy noises with me. What do you think?


Bellini Valli said...

I say two thousand and ten, probably because I also said two thousand and nine..but then when asked for my address I say 4-3-2. Go figure. It looks like there are some happy changes in 20-10 for It's All Gouda.

Mediterranean kiwi said...

two thousand and 10 - the tortilla cups look similar in thickness to the pastry rounds i buy when i havent got the time to make my own pastry
delicious stuff paula, and happy new year

Chris said...

Mmmmm that looks delicous. I'm going to have to give that recipe a try.

20-10. I'm not sure why, it just seems to be easier to say.

George Gaston said...

Paula, Happy New Year to you, too!

This is a wonderful recipe to start the year. It has great flavors and it is easy, as well. Perfect in every way. Many thanks...

Anonymous said...

I'm SO glad your back...I was going to email you yesterday but my internet was down most of the day! I shorten it even more and say 2-10. I'm trying these...looks like it could be used as an appetizer too. I'm looking forward to what you're changing. We ALWAYS eat grass fed just tastes better.

Cathy said...

Yay, Paula, its so good to see you back blogging again. I'm looking forward to your posts and your new opinions about the foods we eat.

20-10 - its just easier to say.

Marjie said...

I'm in the twenty-ten camp, but I state my zip code and phone number in single digits. Odd, right? Cute little quiche like things you've made there! Tortillas are a great pastry dough substitute for your family. I made my dearly beloved a lemon meringue pie for his birthday, and I was thinking that if you lived across the street, your baby could just leave her crust, because the rest of it is good for her!

Annette said...

I'm so glad you're back and everything is OK, Paula....we missed you!

Pam said...

I say two thousand ten, only because I never thought of twenty ten. I haven's seen those movies, but I totally changed my eating after reading "Real Food" by Nina Planck. I only eat grass-fed beef and drink milk from grass-fed cows and free-ranged chicken, and heritage breed pork.

grace said...

if this display of deliciousness is indicative of how your philosophy has changed, amen and praise be! what a tasty nosh.
and incidentally, twenty-ten is so much easier to say. :)

noble pig said...

Those are nice looking. I have been wanting to see those films but haven't yet. You've done good here!

Manggy said...

Glad to have you back Paula! And why eat an ickily sweet pop tart for breakfast indeed when you can have this basket of goodness? :)
I haven't seen the two films but I think I must. The only problem is the paucity of choices we have in the Philippines about where we get our food :(

Kevin said...

Great way to use somw tortillas!

Jan said...

I say two thousand and ten, and probably will continue to do so.

Thanks for the film recomendations, I'll definitely look out for those. I just tend to go with the edict - don't eat anything your grandmother wouldn't recognize as food.

These tarts are certainly recognizable as food, I'm drooling. they look yumptious - they are so on my to make list.

Terri said...

Twenty-Ten here. My goodness, wouldn't these make wonderful little appetizers if you cut smaller circles from and baked them in the small muffin tins! Yummy!

Orlando personal injury lawyer said...

Great idea. I haven't seen this made before. Thanks for sharing the recipe.