Thursday, May 27, 2010

Birthday Pancakes! - aka Bob's Red Mill Pancake Mix (gluten free)

Today is an extra special day at It's All Gouda. My youngest, my baby, my littlest gal, my wee sous chef turns 11 years old. What makes this birthday uber special is this:  Birthday girl turns 11 at 11:11 am. Get it?  11 - 11:11!!!  I'm such a number geek, but hey, you've gotta admit that's a pretty cool anomaly!

In honor of her special triple-double-double digit day, we made gluten free pancakes this morning. Now, you gluten eaters stay with me, since this is basically a review of a pancake mix.
Oregon's beloved Bob's Red Mill cranks out many gluten free flours and products, including this one:  Gluten Free Pancake Mix. You can find it at most grocery stores in Oregon or mail order.
Here's the ingredients if you want to check it out. Nothing weird. Those flours and starches are pretty much par for the gluten-free course.

Gluten free products have taken off lately, almost in fad like fashion, and that's fine with me since we follow a gluten free diet because of my daughter's wheat intolerance. Yep, I said intolerance. For most people following a gluten free diet, the condition they deal with is an intolerance NOT an allergy. Stomach aches, indigestion, bloating, headaches, skin issues, feeling blah ... it's not fun. We can chat about that another time. Today's recipe IS  fun, and really quite delicious, too! 

While I prefer to make stuff from scratch, this mix is uber convenient especially since I've not dived into making my own gluten free mixes (will be doing that soon). Since this is a pre-made mix, only a few additional ingredients are required:  an egg, milk (we used part milk/part buttermilk), and oil.  Wisk it all together, and you're good to go.
As you can see here, the batter is kind of freckly. (Is that the correct spelling: freckle + ly?) These cook in a similar fashion to "regular" pancakes except the bubbles you look for to know when to flip are bigger. See that one looming in the upper left corner?  Time to flip!
I'm not a leavening expert, so I don't know if it's due to the buttermilk addition or if this is how it always is, but these puppies really puff up! They aren't dense either ... nice and fully light, and they reheat beautifully. We've made these several times, and have gotten a bit creative along the way.
You can add chocolate chips! Just sprinkle a few (dozen) on right before flipping.
See how light and puffy these are? Um, how about a little pancake to go with the whipped cream and strawberries there, babe?
My birthday girl is a cherry fanatic ... please excuse the excess of whipped cream.
No matter how you serve them, they are finger lickin good! Don't you love my b-day girls new Buddy Holly style glasses? Just picked those up yesterday. She looks so much older now. I, of course, haven't aged a bit (eh, cough cough).

This mix gets two birthday thumbs up in our household. I can totally see me bringing this camping or travelling, as it's so easy to make. And, for those of you who have gluten-free eating loved ones, this would make a great gift pack especially for someone new to the whole gluten-free thing. It made a wonderful birthday breakfast here. Along with a pint of whipped cream. And an orchard of berries. Just kidding. Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

What do you like to eat for breakfast on your birthday?


Marjie said...

Happy Birthday, Little Miss! I knew it was coming, although wasn't certain of the exact date. Glad you got pancakes. I hope your Mama makes you one of those flourless chocolate jelly-roll type cakes I showed her last year.

And using the rules of phonics, your spelling of "freckly" would be right, as you already knew: drop the silent e before adding the y. Yes, I'm a nerd, too. And so I appreciated your age-time confluence!

Have a lovely Memorial Day weekend, all of you fun loving Goudas! (Um, when did you become cheeses, anyway?)

Pam said...

Happy Birthday to the birthday girl on her lucky numbers day! I do that all the time with numbers too. Love her glasses!

DayPhoto said...

Happy Birthday!!! Now Mom make a gluten free birthday cake. I've tried and tried and have one recipe I like, but maybe you will come up with one better. :)

Bob's Red Mill is the best for pancakes.

Now my goal is to learn to make gluten free pie crusts. Wish me luck.


bellini valli said...

Pancakes for breakfast why not!!! I would love that. For another anomoaly my daughter turned 21 on the 21st of September last year. Since she was 21 for her Champagne birthday she would been of legal age in all States:D

grace said...

birthday cake? pff. i want birthday pancakes! glad you found some great gluten-free mix for your gal--hope she had a great day!

Mickle in NZ said...

Belated Happy Birthday, 11 year old Poppet.

I love pancakes. My dear Mother asked me what a wanted for my 5th birthday many a year ago - I replied "pancakes and jelly (jello)". The neighbouring children came expecting a party but, no - pancakes and jelly (each served separately) it was!

Here I've come across a gluten free pancake mix that is based on buckwheat. I don't need food to be gluten free however high fibre is an issue and I love this buckwheat mix (as do the innards). Now I'm experimenting with it for waffles for a Work breakfast in September.

Sending care and huggles to all the Goudas, including all pets,

Michelle and a snoring Zebbycat

(it is a cold night here so Zeb is sleeping under a quilt - doesn't muffle the loud snores very much though,lol)

Cathy said...

Best wishes to the birthday girl! And what a great way to start off her special day. I love Bob's Red Mill. I haven't been to the store in ages and need to go stock up.

Jessica said...

The pancakes look delicious. Always best with whipped cream...the more the merrier I say! My now 14 year old daughter loves cherries too! All my kids would love these. Happy birthday to your daughter. I love her glasses...too adorable!

m. said...

I must say that I love this pancake mix! I've tried the Trader Joe's mix, and a few other brands but none of them have turned out with the same fluffiness.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Sorry to be so late and hope she had a WONDERFUL birthday! The date/time thing is awesome. Very unique!!!!

Mindi said...

Happy birthday! I just found this site but I'm really enjoying it. I love pancakes and can't wait to try!!

Anonymous said...

My birthday is today may 27, tooo, only I passed the 11 year mark quite a few years ago, she looks adorable and near Memorial Day to boot, always lovely or warm when may 27th comes along, what a wonderful mother you are for making such a nice pancake feast gluten free at that, this is being typed on 1/5/12 because I looked at an older post and found this date, oh, my love your blog, happy new year to your little angel and you and your wonderful family! She looks great and you do tooo!

wilbert bail said...

Hi. It's perfect for children's birthday party. I love these recipes. Thanks a lot. I'll tell my friends about this. God bless you.

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