Friday, May 30, 2008

Psalty Play

The third grade class at our school puts on a "Psalty Play" at the end of the school year, every year. It's something that the students look forward to all year long, and was something that offspring #3 was especially excited about when she rejoined her schoolmates after a year of homeschooling. I have fond memories of the Psalty play since her older brother and sister also were in the play back when they were in third grade. In fact, Offspring #2 had the lead role of Psalty. For those unfamiliar with Psalty, it is a delightful, short play based on the book of Psalms in the Bible. The Psalty character is actually a book, and the costume is hilarious to see. I remember my Offspring #2 waddling around on the stage in the cumbersome book costume. Anyway, there is lots of singing and dancing on the stage, and lots of laughter and teary eyed proud parents in the audience. The play is only about 45 minutes long, and the kids get to wear "free dress" instead of their uniforms.

My offspring had a small speaking part, but her lines were super funny. I could tell she was having a great time, and she loved it when the audience laughed at her delivery. I was one of the teary eyed parents ... proud of my girl and happy that she was happy. It's good stuff. Oh, by the way, she's the one in the blue t-shirt, glasses, and headband.

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