Friday, May 30, 2008

Wrapping Up School

My posts have been rather girl heavy lately, and so it's time to give equal footing to Offspring #1. Our homeschool year is winding down and it's almost time to say goodbye to 6th grade. My young man continues to amaze me with his awesome memory, and I'm always so impressed with his willingness to try new things.

We homeschool using the Calvert curriculum, and I absolutely love it. I have a unique opportunity to gage our progress since I have twin 6th graders. One is homeschooled and the other attends private school. I really like our private school. It has a comfortable family feel to it, and the staff and teachers really try to provide a sound education to the students. Since starting homeschooling, I have a new found respect for teachers and appreciate their dedication. How they can present material to 30 kids at a time astounds me. That said, I LOVE homeschooling. There are so many reasons that I value it ... the time with my child, the 1:1 instruction, the positive balance it provides the family, the ability to adjust materials to learning styles, the depth and pace of materials, and elimination of busy work. The list goes on and on. So, I guess it's appropriate to say that we walk comfortably in both worlds ... but I sure do miss my girls when they are gone and I get frustrated seeing them bogged down with homework after being at school all day long. Summer break is just a week and a half away, and I'm giddy that we'll have lazy days to spend just "being". It's a good thing.

Anyway, here's a pic of my boy who's growing up way too rapidly. In this photo, he's busy typing in the latest installment in the adventure story that he's writing and illustrating. He is a talented artist, and I'm amazed at how he draws his characters. He's recently started experimenting with what I consider advanced marker coloration, and his newly colored illustrations really "pop" off the page. His little sister just got a pair of 3D glasses to use with a chalk kit, and he borrowed them to see if they would alter how he sees his drawings. Oh. My. Gosh. It was so cool to look through those 3D glasses at his creations. I swear it made the illustrations come alive!

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Marjie said...

I wrote posts about 3rd & 6th grades earlier. It's like we were both channeling summer! I'd love it if you'd take a couple of pictures of #1's drawings some time, since I have heard so much about his talents!