Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Reminiscing about my cute babes!

So here I sit late at night cleaning out the abyss known as "our photos" on the hard drive. I've been sorting jpegs, creating folders, and deleting duds when (insert angelic harmony music here) I came across an old, old gem of a file. Contained within this treasure chest were nestled long lost pictures of my offspring at various stages in their lives. This file must have been created as a catch all at some point long ago and then promptly forgotten. I've looked through each one, and every single photo holds a special memory. Man, I make cute babes. Who'd have thought?

As all three have just completed their school years and insist on growing up, I'm reminiscing about their little people days. My youngest's 3rd grade teacher signed my babe's yearbook, "To the littlest and last (insert our last name here)." Her message continued on and was sweet and kind, and reminded me that my babes are growing up. As if I needed reminding!

So, without further ado, travel down memory lane with me as I wonder how I ever got so lucky to be blessed with such great kids. (Of course, they are asleep right now so they have angelic status. If they were awake, I might not be so generous with my sugar-y comments!) These are in no particular order as evidenced by the various haircuts and heights they possess. And, yeah, their hair lightens up in the summer.

The girls share a room and to help make it special, I told them that I would paint their walls with whatever they wanted. They wanted a tree with flowers and bunnies and fences and birds nests, etc. So, armed with zillions of craft paint bottles and twice as many brushes, I painted their walls and ceilings as requested. If you look toward the baseboard, you'll see the flowers and even a bunny. I like the flowers best, and at the base of the tree is a little door for the bunny to enter his tree home. The girls may soon outgrow this theme, and already their walls are covered with posters of the latest and greatest. For now, whenever I inquire about repainting, they both say no ... although that usually leads to the familiar request of wanting their own rooms. Sure girls, just as soon as that tree there sprouts money, we'll remodel and get you your own rooms.

My most favorite find. Hubby man and my two girl babes at the Community Center Daddy Daughter Date night. The TV news crew popped in and my gang had their 4 seconds of fame on the evening news. Bear in mind that hubby man has only danced maybe 5 times in his life ... our wedding reception, 2 other wedding reception, and at two Daddy Daughter Dances. The things he'll endure for love. Who loves ya baby?!

Offspring #2 in her Halloween finest in 1999. 'Nuff said.

The babes together in August 2004. We were just about to saunter a "short" trail with hubby man. His idea of short and mine are not quite the same. Of course he finds all that hiking to be exhilarating and easy. Figures he discovers his love of hiking after the ink dried on the marriage certificate!

Offspring #3 at age 4 in preschool. Judging by the look on her face, I'm guessing that even then she knew that wheat products were not for her ... even if they contain chocolate!

Offspring #3 on her 1st Birthday ... the wagon was a gift too. Yep, that's a picnic table indoors. Doesn't everyone keep one in their living room? We just donated that away this past summer. Young miss used it last year as her homeschool desk ... genius inspired desk solution if I do say so myself!

Offspring #1 and #2 just after their 4th birthday vacationing in the Maroon Bells in Colorado. The Rocky Mtns are so beautiful; it was tough to adjust to the elevation. Ok, it was tough for me, but bear in mind that I had given birth just 3 months earlier and was toting around a nursing infant. Was totally worth it, though, as the kids had a great time.

Twin offspring #1 and #2 sometime around 3 years old ... they're now 12.5 ... and both of them have longer hair! That's the one and only time they wore overalls. Too bad, cuz they look cute!


Marjie said...

Awwww, so cute!

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You do make cute kids!