Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The garden of weedin - part 1

After four months of dropping subtle hints followed by 2 months of direct requests ... aka nagging, hubby man constructed two 4' x 6' x 12" raised garden beds for me. This was no small feat, as the drizzle only stopped for a couple of hours. So, after a couple trips to Home Depot and Lowes, the stage was set for construction. This was a manual labor intensive job, and with our hard as cement yard, this would have been near impossible for me. Of course, he made it look so easy cutting through the sod, sawing all the wood, hammering it all together (I could have done that part), hauling it around, etc. I did issue a *sigh* or two watching him looking manly doing all this stuff ... he'd have fit in just fine on the Oregon Trail. Plus, he gave up his parking spot in the garage so all the stuff needed to make this happen could be stored there. Giving up a garage spot is a big deal out here in drizzle city. ANYWAY ... he sawed, he hammered, and he conquered our backyard. I was a bbiigg help. I ordered the soil, shoveled in about 3 loads, provided sufficient oohs and ahhs at progress check points, made a run to Home Depot for more pea gravel, for which my youngest issued an "eewww" response to the name ... yeah, you are guessing correctly and yeah, I had to explain to her that a) its a size reference, and b) it's spelled differently than what she was thinking. All my kids are so literal it's scary.

Also, big kudos to my littlest gal who helped her daddy all weekend long set stuff up in the back yard. Once it stops raining, I'll move onto phase 2 - planting. Never mind the weeds in the background. They will be but a mere memory in a matter of days. Phase 2 is soon to follow. We'll be using the "Square Foot Gardening" method, so we have our square foot grids to put down, followed by planting the actual ... you know ... plants!


Marjie said...

Good work by Mr. Paula and Little Miss. I know someone who has convinced his wife that he likes crabgrass. He tells her that it's manly grass, because it requires no coddling. I know the truth - it's because he hates yard work. Anyway, just tell yourself that the weeds in the yard are "manly grass". It will make Mr. Paula happy, too!

Anonymous said...

"Manly grass"....I love it! Works for me!