Thursday, June 19, 2008

I lost my poor meatball ....

I know meatballs. I'm Italian. I've rolled more meatballs than a Cuban cigar roller has rolled stogies. Well, ok, maybe not that many, but I've made a lot. Of meatballs. A lot.

In the household of my youth, meatballs were served separately from the pasta itself. Actually, most meat was passed around on a separate platter no matter what the pasta type. The meatballs themselves were giant and were slowly simmered in a thin tomato sauce and stacked high in a serving bowl. I can still picture the steam swirling above the bowl. But that's a story for another day.

Now a days, I make the meatballs much smaller and tend to make more of them. I love leftover meatballs sliced and served on a hearty roll with tomato sauce. Again, a story for another time. Today's story is about a new meatball recipe that I tried tonight courtesy of of Karina's Kitchen - Gluten Free Goddess. Since my littlest peanut can't eat wheat, I'm on the prowl for recipes that give a new twist on some of our old favorites. My meatball recipe called for breadcrumbs; a no-no for my wee babe. So, thanks to the internet, I've got access to gluten free recipes. Karina's blog is a godsend for folks trekking the gluten-free path, and I'm certain I'll frequent her blog regularly for ideas.

On 6/12/08, Karina posted an intriguing recipe for Meatballs. Her recipe beautifully blended typical and not-so-typical ingredients. The incorporation of both cinnamon (a secret ingredient my grandma used in her ravioli) as well as balsamic vinegar snared my attention. Her meatballs also included some pulverized veggies, and I always enjoy the mad scientist thrill I get when I turn on the food processor. Double click on the meatball photo above and check out the great texture up close. See those orange bits? Shhh ... carrots! I did use a different pasta than Karina as we've found a gluten free/wheat free one that my offspring enjoy. Mrs. Leepers corn spaghetti is our pasta of choice at the present time. It has a great al dente bite to it and doesn't turn to mush. It's less starchy that regular semolina pasta, yet sauces cling to it just fine. It's particularly good with browned butter and freshly grated mizithra cheese. Anyway ... back to tonight's meal ....

Hubby man was running late getting home from work this evening, so I fed the kids first and held off eating myself so he wouldn't have to dine solo. I was working on something nearby the offspring while they ate, and so when they asked if they could have seconds, I absently gave approval on the condition that they just take a little bit because their dad and I still needed to eat. Mistake. Until very recently, I usually spooned out seconds. In my quest to let the kids grow up and be more responsible, I lost a few brain cells myself. Hungry children + available food they like = portion control issues. Needless to say, I had to quickly boil up some more pasta (the first time I've ever had to do that) ... and we won't be having meatball hoagies tomorrow.

So while I outwardly had on my harumph face, inwardly I had to smile. I love it when everybody eats everything. Tonights recipe goes on the repeat list. Moist and tender meatballs that boasted both familiar and new flavors. Karina -- your meatballs were a hit! And I need to rethink portions for my children who insist on growing!


Karina said...

There's no higher compliment than when an Italian Mama likes your meatballs. ;) Thanks for the shout-out. But more importantly, I'm so glad they passed the test!

Marjie said...

Picture a 4' wide counter between my kitchen and breakfast room. Picture my platters and pans lined up on it for everyone to serve themselves, except Ryan and Mark. Now you know why we never have any leftovers!

Glad you found pasta for Little Miss T. My children would be sorry indeed if we couldn't eat pasta (but Mom doesn't like red sauce - go figure).