Thursday, June 12, 2008

Meme Tag

Oooh, my first game of cyber tag. Thanks to Marjie, I've been tagged for a meme. First I had to figure out what a meme was. (Let's all pause for a moment of silence for the newbie.) I'm still not certain how to pronounce meme. Does it have a long e sound like one repeats when preparing to sing ... "me me me me me"? Or does it have more of a French accent as if Inspector Clouseau was saying "meh meh"? Perhaps is a combo of sounds ... "mem ee". Regardless, it's time to play ....

1. What was I doing five years ago?
Hmm, that puts me back to summer 2003. That was the summer that hubby man and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. That means this summer we celebrate our 25th. Let's see, what is the gift for 25 years? I think it should be diamonds for moi.

2. Five things I must do today (I'll modify this to include tomorrow because it's late.)
- Meet with my dear buddy to help her with her website
- Mail Father's Day Package of homemade fudge to my dad (I'm a recent fudge making guru.)
- Make a dent in Mt. Laundry
- Prepare for trip to Seattle Homeschool Conference this weekend
- Get oil changed in van and fill 'er up with a full tank of gas so I can make it to Seattle

3. Five snacks I enjoy
Ok, this is a toughie question because I'm not a snacker. Really. Snacks are quite safe around me. However, beings that I just snarfed down brie and bread at my buddy's house, I'm sure I can come up with something.
- Brie cheese with bread rounds (does my buddy take care of me or what?)
- Homemade chex mix (make a gigantic turkey roaster size pan batch every Christmas)
- Popcorn (although I rarely have it, I won't turn down a handful)
- Strawberries (in season, vine ripened, red all the way through please)
- Dark chocolate turtles (the good stuff with real caramel)

4. Five things I'd do if I were a billionaire
- Dedicate funds to epilepsy support and research.
- Pay off mortgages of family and buddies, oh, and my own, plus any debt they have
- Buy a mountain retreat for hubby man, and houses near me for my Dad and sister
- Set up college funds for all my children, nieces, and nephews.
- Replace vehicles

5. Five bad habits (who me, can't you see my halo?)
- Tad bossy, not super bossy, just a tad
- Like things to be done NOW -- I'm so not a procrastinator and don't like it when others do
- Tad bossy -- oops, already said that. It's more like I prefer to provide loving direction and guidance to my family members.
- Like to have everything laid out the night before. Everything. EVERYTHING! Can't stand rushing around last minute looking for stuff.
- Don't like to be late, so I set the clocks ahead. Of course, I know as does everyone else under this roof that the clocks are set ahead, but it's a system that works for me. (Unlike today, though, when traffic made me late arriving at my buddy's house. Grrr. I even allowed extra travel time. Double Grrr. )

6. Five places I've lived - In my case, there are only 4 places
- Valparaiso, Indiana - born and raised
- Chesterton, Indiana
- Seattle (Redmond), Washington
- Oregon

7. Five jobs I've had
- Hospital cafeteria - high school
- Prudential Insurance - high school co-op job
- Midwest Steel/National Steel - secretary
- McCaw Communications/Cellular One/AT&T - Management
- Mom/homeschool teacher/protector and keeper of universe; well, my universe anyway

I'm now supposed to tag someone else; however, I don't know anyone well enough yet to tag, except for Marjie and she tagged me, and I'm assuming there are no tag backs! So, I will reserve the right to tag someone else in the near future.


Marjie said...

Thanks for playing along! An anniversary ring or eternity ring is always nice for the 25th....

Pam said...

I love your definition of bossy -provide loving direction and guidance to my family members - I'm going to have to use that one!

Trina said...

Dear Paula,
Thank you for dropping by our family blog! Sonlight's program is very, very different from Calvert's, and we're having a hard time adjusting, truth be told. Happy summer,and good luck on your 7th grade as well. :D